Power to the Sales Team - pCon.facts

pCon.facts is a digital product catalog that provides the sales team with the latest and most accurate information for their interior design projects - at any time and from anywhere.


With a few clicks, professional users can access detailed product information, images, 3D geometries, prices, and technical specifications. All that combined with impressive real-time configuration, comparison views and augmented reality features, make pCon.facts a key resource for the sales team.

Leading brands provide their products in pCon.facts in order to enhance their partners' communication and create high-level sales experiences. The focus of pCon.facts is to quickly access personalized product information, with the goal of increasing client engagement and conversion rates.

It's an essential communication tool for a modern, innovative and efficient interior design professional. Join us to discover the latest release of pCon.facts to find out how we simplified the usage experience and the latest functionality.

Download the application on the App Store or Play Store. You’ll need a pCon login profile - free for professional users.

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Interior designers, architects, marketing department, sales reps

09:00 New York | 15:00 Roma | 17:00 Dubai | 21:00 Kuala Lumpur

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What are we going to talk about?


○ Benefits and usage scenarios

○ Access with pCon.login

○ Application settings

○ Navigation overview

Article list

Add product to article list

Change quantities

Clear article list

Detailed/Compact view

List/Comparison view

Update articles

Product at the center

○ Search catalogs

○ Configure single or modular products

○ Access product documents

○ Activate dimensions

○ Create personalized article image

Share and communicate

○ Article list (PDF)

○ Product comparison (PDF)

○ Images

○ Article geometries (DWG, 3DS, FBX)

○ Create augmented reality (AR) experiences

○ Export to other pCon applications

Prices and discounts

○ Hide prices

○ Sales tax

○ Discount/upcharge



Miguel Vale Oliveira (👈 connect on LinkedIn!) is an innovator who strives every day to be a source of positive change and inspiration. Applies technology for more than 20 years to the world of furniture and interior design. He has worked for furniture and technology companies in the United States and Europe.

He has a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, the main engineering university in Portugal and an MBA from Western Michigan University with a specialization in business strategy.

He is a partner and managing director of EasternGraphics Southern Europe.

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