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Unleash the Power of Configurable Data

One of the most significant impacts on profit margin is the amount of manual labor being used for tasks that are able to be partly or fully automated.

Depending on the business sector, employee cost usually ranges from 25% to 60% of total company costs. Your labor intensive space planning, quotation and order entry processes can be greatly optimized through automation.

The key role of product data

Product data plays a critical role in an efficient and customer-centric sales process. It’s the common thread connecting the process, from the time a product is first proposed to the customer until it eventually becomes an order.

Sales and marketing product data has been traditionally provided to professional users as a mixture of loosely connected digital and paper-based materials. Some of these include: price lists, 2D/3D geometries, textures, catalogs, technical manuals, certifications, and more.

Configurable data to the rescue

pCon brings an innovative solution by providing powerful applications that are able to work with configurable product information from hundreds of leading manufacturers.

Configurable data is a powerful set of intelligent product information enriched with numerous interconnected data types. It allows the implementation of groundbreaking digital transformation processes able to unlock untapped efficiencies, quality and savings.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use configurable data with the pCon applications and redefine your work processes to achieve untapped efficiencies.

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Interior designers, architects, marketing department, sales reps

09:00 New York | 15:00 Roma | 17:00 Dubai | 21:00 Kuala Lumpur

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October 6th | 15:00 CEST | Show in my timezone

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What are we going to talk about?


○ Access with pCon.login

○ What is configurable data?

○ Impact of configurable data on your bottom line

Using configurable data

Best practices in pCon.planner and pCon.basket

○ Moving data between applications

○ Online configurator for ecommerce

Preparation activitites

○ How to request data

○ Working offline and cloud

○ Compatible applications

Achieve maximum efficiency

○ Export article list

○ Integration with other systems

Configurable data components

○ Basic elements (geometries, codes, descriptions, prices, materials)

○ Advanced rules

○ Enriched data



Miguel Vale Oliveira (👈 connect on LinkedIn!) is an innovator who strives every day to be a source of positive change and inspiration. Applies technology for more than 20 years to the world of furniture and interior design. He has worked for furniture and technology companies in the United States and Europe.

He has a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, the main engineering university in Portugal and an MBA from Western Michigan University with a specialization in business strategy.

He is a partner and managing director of EasternGraphics Southern Europe.

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