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Each quotation must be uniquely structured and presented to maximize the chances of closing the sales opportunity. It has to be clear and intuitive to the client in order to stimulate a positive reaction.

To accomplish this you need efficiency and flexibility in the quotation creation process. That’s where pCon.basket PRO really shines!

Quickly tailor each quotation with a few clicks to sell each project in the best possible way – add groups, hide unnecessary information, calculate the margin, add special articles, and so much more.

pCon.basket PRO eliminates a lot of unnecessary manual tasks that are impacting your bottom line. The application can be used as a standalone or integrated into an articulated sales process to maximize the benefits. It’s used by independent professionals for small/medium sized projects and by major multinationals for multimillion euro interior

design projects.

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09:00 New York | 15:00 Roma | 17:00 Dubai | 21:00 Kuala Lumpur

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What are we going to talk about?

Extended header data

○ Richer quote information

○ Start and end texts

○ Different client addresses

○ Use your Office 365 contacts

Powerful calculation

○ Define standard supplier conditions

○ Add overhead

○ Upcharges/discounts at the article level

○ Margin calculation

○ Hide purchase prices

Richer article list

○ Organize with folders

○ Text articles

○ Simplify complex articles

○ Give alternatives

○ Merge identical articles

Super flexible reports

○ Control visibility for more than 20 fields

○ Create innumerable content variations

○ Quickly adapt it for each sales stage

Make it special

○ Convert standard articles

○ Create special articles

○ Create your own article catalog

○ Overwrite standard product texts

Generate order

○ Generate XML with order information

○ Automatically separate articles by manufacturer



Miguel Vale Oliveira is an innovator who strives every day to be a source of positive change and inspiration. Applies technology for more than 20 years to the world of furniture and interior design. He has worked for furniture and technology companies in the United States and Europe.

He has a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, the main engineering university in Portugal and an MBA from Western Michigan University with a specialization in business strategy.

He is a partner and managing director of EasternGraphics Southern Europe.

Miguel can't wait to welcome you to the pCon world!

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